Thursday, May 14, 2009


I can’t believe it! Now I’m taking up my review for the up coming PNLE. Still uncertain with my reason why I choose to take it this June 2009. Come to think of it there is November PNLE for that duration of time I can prepare myself- mentally and emotionally but I had this thought even that given time I cant guarantee myself that I am prepare. “Why Megumi? Why you chose to take PNLE this June?” It runs in my mind, to veins and it's like tinnitus- ringing in my ears. This question asked from a friend and I reflect about it. "WHY?" I don’t have a definite answer on it. One thing I am sure this I want and no one forced me. I want to a nurse. Soon! I prayed for it! I do believe I am here with a reason not just mere an accident.
Now, there is no way to run. I had gone these far and now 600 hours for my awaited time I would face my first fray as a graduate. I am 3mm in size compared with my foe-board exam. It is like a MONSTER in my nightmare which results to wake at the middle of my deep sleep. Or like a dragon, a 40 storey building in height with a great ball on its mouth which a barrier for the wanted. If I compared myself to them they can kill me. I can describe myself like story of David and Goliath. On the battle field I had only my weapon a barbecue stick- my knowledge, determination, courage and my faith to GOD that He will help me. I know there is a small possibility to win or nothing at all.

I'm offering my simple prayer:

Lord, I humbly pray for you wisdom and the courage to conquer my fear. I claimed on what You have promised Lord. Thank you in advance. Be my strength and shield me with your Holy blood. Hear my prayers Oh Lord. I honor you and praise your name. Amen.