Tuesday, September 15, 2009

the lucky one

I just graduated last March 2009 and I immediately took up the PNLE last June 2009. I am grateful because I am one of the 737 new nurses in the Davao region. For me, my two months of review is not enough. During that time I really feel I don’t have enough knowledge to pass that licensure examination. It was like a story of David and Goliath. By God’s grace and glory I able to defeat that battle. The enduring moral support and ample prayers of my parents, relatives and friends it really helped me. I believe thank you is not enough to convey the gratitude inside my heart.

Now, I’m officially a registered nurse and I was given a privilege to use the “two magical letters” after my name these capital letters are R.N. It was an honor to have that title but there was big responsibility to take. I prepared myself on this but I can’t imagine how amazingly He answered my prayers for that instant.

I just want to share part of my prayer the night before the Nursing Licensure Examination:
“Heavenly Father, gracious and loving God. I thanked you for everything You have done for me. You gave everything and beyond on what I asked for. You really know what is best for me. Here I am again asking You to be with me on the day of my exam. Lord, I let You to be part of this big fight. I am not taking this exam just for myself but it is for You and for those who keep on believing in me that I can make it. Give me that opportunity to be part of Your healing ministry and that is by passing the board examination. I am nothing without You Lord. Help me Oh Lord. Prepare the testing center where I will take up the exam. Also, the proctor, my seat and everything Lord. Let me be a manifestation of Your greatness Oh Lord. This I asked in Your mighty name, my Lord and savior. Amen.”

I would like to extend my special thanks to my bestfriend. Thank you. You served as one of my inspiration. I prayed that someday I would extend my thanks to you personally too soon.

Lastly, I know passing the PNLE is not the end instead it just mere a beginning.