Saturday, April 26, 2008

my "what-if syndrome"

Worry is a kind of faith. Faith in Satan instead with God! I can say that most of the time I worry about things- small or big because I tend to be PERFECTIONIST. Everything should be perfect in accordance with my standards that in the end lead me to DEPRESSION because things turn out beyond what it should be.
I claimed myself that I’m a CHRISTIAN but what I’m doing is contrary on what should a Christian intended to be- live a CHRIST-like life…
Last 22-April-2008, almost 2 o'clock in the morning still I'm awake I keep on thinking about things- what might happen tomorrow, about my responsibilities if I can do things I intended to do. There are times that that worry almost ruled on me… But I thank god coz He really loves me and He didn’t leave me especially in weak moments of my life. He lead me to the path where I should go and He used people just to manifest His great love to me..
I keep on praying that this feeling will lose and trusting and loving Him will rule in my heart. He promised on the passage of Psalm 23 that He is our shepherd and we are His sheep if we lost He will find ways to look for us…

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