Saturday, April 4, 2009

seeing you again?

it sunday!

this sunday there something special..

i thought he arrived already from manila..

sad to say he was not around.

today, i attended the first service and to be honest I am expecting he would there also. I saw his parents, sister and grandpa but he was not there.

I looked for him. I even used my peripheral vision that morning frequently in looking for him. at di ako makaconcentrate! OMG! still my heart longing to see him kahit sa ganoong paraan mapawi ang pagkamiss ko sa kanya.

I saw a guy I thought siya yun together with her girl. Nasambit ko sa aking sarili kung siya nga yun, well, i think it is the best time to close my door with him. The unended story we had. But then, mali ako. When that day would come, well, it is the BEST TIME FOR MYSELF TO SET FREE FROM HIM, FROM HIS SHADOW, FROM THE HAPPY MOMENTS WE SHARED TOGETHER and open myself to other person because somewhere somehow there is man waiting for me or me myself need to open my heart to other man and experience how wonderful to love and to be loved.

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