Sunday, June 7, 2009

daghang salamat!

Fin! Finished! Tapos!
katatapos lang ng PNLE. I know its not the END it just mere beginning. a new chapter of my life.
To our Almighty God who never leave me especially in my down moments. You lift and guide me. Thank you Lord for showing great love to me. I claim what You have promised. Thank you for the license I will get that on or before October. :-)

For all the support and prayers of my mama and papa, aunt doding ang uncle demet, kuya rene and ate annie, kuya dondon, kring2x, kokong, gelo, my classmates and batch mates (alam niyo na kung sinu-sino kayo), board mates especially june, lina, mark, cha2x and others, co-CYF in UCCP Panabo (pasensya na kung di ko sinabi sa inyo), my friends, my childhood friend April (present lage! record breaking siya. lage present e! hehehe)and last but not the least ang aking mahal na bestfriend na lage anjan mula noong nakilala ko siya. He proves that distance really doesn't matter and he gave another meaning of friendship. Sa inyong lahat na nagsilbi lakas at inspirasyon upang lumaban.

Thank you for sharing you lives with me.


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Anonymous said...

you are welcome my Bestfriend. :-)

Nurse ka na, nurse ka na.