Thursday, November 20, 2008


It’s been four years that we’ve stop our communication but there are moments that I do remember you and reminisce the moments that we have together. The song that we sung together, the bonding that we have had together, your sense of humor and the most I missed about you is your presence. Every time I need someone to talk to, you where there for me to listen and somehow feels me that I’m important.

All these things were mere a dream where just my fantasy. Should I wake up in the middle of my dream? This is my only way to with you. I can’t blame myself either because I just love you. We are dealing with a lot of changes. I believe you’re not the same man that I’ve loved who leave me on the 3rd day of May 2005 and promised me that you’ll stay the same J***** that I‘ve known since then. The truth that I need to accept, you‘ve love someone else and I feel that you‘re happy with her. Meanwhile, the dwelling love for you needs to stop. I need to love myself and let go the feelings I have had for you. I need to free myself from your shadow and spread my wings away from you to see how beautiful life is it without you.

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Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Hmmm....ikaw ha. Let go na grace. Let g0.