Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Nearsighted. Right eye 70/20. Left eye 50/20.

This problem started when I was in first year college. I had difficulty reading things in far distance. The worst thing was I’m always at the back because of “ALPHABETICAL” seating arrangement! What would I expect my surname is always on the bottom of the class list! It seemed so difficult to copy notes either on the powerpoint presentation or visual aid in the blackboard. However, my classmates particularly my seat mates was understanding, while they were making their notes they also read it for or I simply borrow their notes for me to copy. I found this friend of mine my “mate”- classmate, seat mate and group mate. We are inseparable! Thanks to her for 12 months she was my eyeglasses.

I decided that I do something about it! I told my Mama that I want have an eye consultation and bought me eyeglasses. After that everything so fine and can see clearly with the used of eyeglasses.

Until now still I’m using my eyeglasses but that often. Sometimes I just leave it. There was an instance my friend thought me that I’m snob because I didn’t approach her when she found me and calls my name. I heard someone call my name but I didn’t recognized that she was calling me. “nung malapit na ako sa kanya sabi niya, grabe ka Grace tawag ako ng tawag sayo di mo man lang ako narecognize na ako yung tumatawag sayo” I apologized for that. “sorry po. nakita kita pero di ko alam na ikaw pala yan ngayon ko lang napagtanto na Makita kita sa malapitan.” One reason why didn’t wearing it outside because it looks I’m intelligent, knows everything which I’m not.

Now, I’m wishing to have contact lens it seems more comfortable and convenient to wear. Soon!

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Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Haha. Mahirap nga yan. :-)

Tama yan. Mag-contacts ka na lang.

Ako nga may pumunta na nag-eye check up. Malabo na daw mata ko. Duda ko pinagbebentahan lang ako nun ng glasses eh.