Sunday, July 11, 2010

To summed it up

I still remember the first day I had my duty in medical-surgical and OB ward was a “toxic” one. “Toxic” is an adjective or a term that we used pertaining to the situation that we encountered during our shift. I think in layman’s term are busy, irritable patients and family members, and patients who were in critical who need immediate care. It amazed me how I overcome that day and finished all my tasks. I even missed to eat my lunch and I don’t attend the birthday celebration of dear childhood friend who really expect my presence. Thanks to our new Resident on Duty, that time he was my Superman who saved me. Since then, we became friends----- “feeling close”. To my co-nurses and other staff who became my mentors and friends.

Wow! That was three months ago, and now nine days to go before the expiration of my contract in the hospital currently I am employed. That hospital molded me of being what I am now, from a novice nurse turned to be an advanced beginner. (Novice and advanced beginner are Benner:level of competency.) I learned a lot of things working in that hospital, on how to face different kinds of situation and how to deal with it. I encountered different kinds of people who possess unique personalities. In other word, this is the real world, the real battlefield where I need to be strong and brave in order to survive.

I am uncertain what would be my life after the expiration of my contract on that hospital. Is there any job opportunity waits for me in other hospital? Is there a renewal of contract in the said hospital? Who knows? God only knows what future brings into my life. This shows my worrier heart. I believed, God is faithful in my life, however, my human heart and mind worries everything. He answered my prayers and even gave beyond what I’ve asked. Why should I worry as what He promised on Jeremiah 29:11.


Ishmael Fischer Ahab said... really poured your heart in this post. Congrats at nag level-up ka rin. Alam ko na ang hirap ng pinagdaanan mo. May God guide you always.

megumi said...

nag level up? what do you mean ish?

Ishmael Fischer Ahab said...

Nag-level up kasi ang dami dami mo nang natutunan sa iyong pagtatrabaho as nurse. Oh di ba? Ibang level ka na. ^_^