Thursday, January 14, 2016

One-sided Love

Memories of you my love still vivid. It was year 2012 when I got this strange feelings for you, a hidden feelings for you by chance that you discovered. I never expected that infatuation turned to love that grew deeper. Since then, you are my inspiration and I gained strength from you.

As years goes by, I got to know you deeper and realised my position in your life. I even asked myself if those things you have shown is just pretention and you never loved me since from the start. But even I feel that way still I can't unlove you and I used to love you more and more because I thought that one day will come you will love me the way I wanted to be love. I love your smile, the way you look at me, your hugs, the way you hold me and everything about you.

However, time has come that you will realised that it was a one-sided love. It was a painful realisation and need to be accepted. I was never your priority and I am just that one person you will remember when you feel alone and lonely. You keep hurting me and I am idiot letting things to happened. I just love him. Blinded with love to the wrong person.

Now, I am letting myself be free from that one-sided love. I am running away from your shadow. I don't deserve to be treated that way. Despite the rejection, false assurance and pretention still my heart remained thankful for the time you spent with me, I got to experienced how to feel like a woman to be loved by the man whom I loved so much. I say goodbye to my great one-sided love and I say "hello" to my beloved "the one". I pray for moment we will meet my dear "the one", I am complete and fearless to love again like never been hurt before.

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